ComboBox – DataGridView Sample

            The Article Demonstrate the how to change the DataSource Property of DataGridView Dynamically.

  • ComboBox Control
  • DataGridView Control
  • The method is so easy to handle.
  • Here, I am taken an XML file as DataBase file.
  • The Article shows displaying data into DataGridView Control of table name selected from the ComboBox Control.
  • Create a new instance of the System.Data.DataSet class.
              DataSet Dset = new DataSet();
Listing 1
  • Now, on the Form_Load event handler read an XML file using DataSet Object.
Listing 2
  • Then add all the TableName avail in the DataSet Object to the ComboBox items collection. Result is displayed in Figure 1.
                for (intitem=0; item < Dset.Tables.Count;item++ )
Listing 3

 Figure 1
  • After this, set the DataSource property of DataGridView to the selected item of ComboBox.
                   private voidcomboBox1_SelectedIndexChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
                             dataGridView1.DataSource = null;
                             dataGridView1.DataSource = Dset.Tables[comboBox1.Text];
Listing 4
Output: Following snapshots shows the intended result.
Figure - 2
Figure 2
Figure -3
Figure 3
          In this session, we have seen the ComboBox – DataGridView operation for displaying table data dynamically from the selected item of ComboBox Control.
Mayur Dighe

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