Retrieve Caption of a Main window of running processes


About Classes used –
#1: Process class, provides an access to local & remote processes, also enable to start & stop  
local system processes. Using the Process component, we can obtain a list of the
processes that are running, or can start a new process.
Namespace Required – System.Diagnostics
Here I implemented the Code for obtaining Caption of main window of the running processes.
The Code:
1. Access the Running Processes (code for “Refresh” Button).
            //Access all the running processes
      foreach (Process var in Process.GetProcesses())
                  {     //if Caption if NOT Blank then
                        //Add Caption of Process to ListBox
                        if (var.MainWindowTitle != “”)
                  catch (Exception) { //Add code for Exception (if any) }
Listing 1
2. Now you can pass this Process Caption to any other control. (Here I used it for a ListBox Control)
3. Now execute the Application and see the result (Figure 1).
Intended Result: 

Figure 1
          In this piece of writing, using C# environment, we have seen how to retrieve the caption/title of a main window of the running processes on the local system.
Mayur Dighe

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