Stream I/O Operation (Part-II)

The Blog demonstrate a method to Copy Multiple Text Documents to a Single Text Document, using StreamReader & StreamWriter Classes.
About Classes used –
#1: StreamReader class provides an access to read the data from Stream such as Text File.
#2: StreamWriter class provides an access to write the data from Stream such as Text File.
Namespace Required                    System.IO,
Controls Used                     
            1. TextBox Control (txtOutput)
          2. ListBox Control (lbInput)
          2. Button Control (btnCopy, btnInputFile)
Here I implemented the Code for converting multiple Text Documents into single Text Document.
The Code:
1. Variable Declarations
        StreamReader rdr;   //StreamReader Object for Reading File
        StreamWriter wrt;   //StreamWriter Object for Writing File
Listing 1
2. Select the Input Text Files (code for “Select Input Files” Button).
            using (OpenFileDialogfile = new OpenFileDialog())
                file.Filter = “Only Text Documents|*.txt”;
                //Allow to select multiple files
                file.Multiselect = true;
                //Show the Dialog Box & Select the Files
                //Add the selected File Names to ListBox
Listing 2
3. Copy Data from Multiple Text Files to Single Text File (code for “Copy All” Button).
            //Output File
            wrt = new StreamWriter(txtOutput.Text, false);
            //Copy All Data From Input file to Output file
            foreach (String var in lbInput.Items)
                //Input File
                rdr = new StreamReader(var);
                //Start of New File
                wrt.WriteLine(Environment.NewLine +
                                    “File Name : “ + var + Environment.NewLine);
                //Copy the Content of Input File(s) to Output File
            //Close the StreamWriter instance
            MessageBox.Show(“File Copied Successfully….”);
            //Open the Output file
Listing 3
4. Now execute the Application and see the result (Figure 1).
Intended Result: 
Figure 1
          In this piece of writing, using C# environment, we have seen basic stream input/output operation for copying multiple text files to single text file using StreamWriter & StreamReader classes.

Mayur Dighe

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