Console Application

Introduction: · A Console Application runs from the command or DOS prompt. · Console Applications are written in code and are supported by the System.Console

Difference between Variables & Properties

Variables Properties Variable is named location in memory in which a value is store Property represents information that an Object contains. Can Declared anywhere in

Difference between Classes & Modules

Parameters for Comparison Classes Modules Scope of Members Only upto Lifetime of Object Until Lifetime of Program Instantiation Can be Instantiated Never be Instantiated Inheritance

Difference between Typed & Untyped Dataset

Parameters for Comparison Typed Dataset Untyped Dataset In-built Schema Is First derived from base dataset an it uses a XML-Schema file to generate new class

XML – a Case Sensitive

Q. Is XML a case-sensitive Mark-up Language? A.: YES, XML is a Case-Sensitive. Since XML is NOT Replacement fro HTML. B’coz HTML is used for

Data Transfer Through Different Data Sources

Transfer Data from and to MS-Access, SQL Server, and XML Data Sources Introduction:             Generally, Transferring Data From one Type of Data Source to another

Demo – Folder Object

   FileSystemObject Demo – Folder Object 1.     Declare two variables.      Dim FSO, Folder 2.    Now create an instance of FileSystemObject and access the