Create TreeNode at Runtime

This tip shows how to create a TreeNode to TreeView Control at runtime in C#. Following code snippet creates a TreeNode and its sub nodes

TreeView Control Populating with SqlDataSource at runtime.

In Brief: The article demonstrates how to populate TreeView Control using SqlDataSource at runtime in C#.NET. We can achieve intended result by simply executing SqlCommand

ListBox with Data from Many Tables

Aim: To add ListBox items with values from different Tables or Views. Problem: During my Academic Project (The Event Management System) there is a situation

Transference of ListView Data

Transferring Data of ListView Control on Same windows form or at another windows form Ingredients: n One or More Windows Forms n One or More

AutoSuggestion TextBox

Use of a Simple TextBox as an AutoSuggestion TextBox Description: The method is so easy to handle. For this we simply have set the AutoComplete***

Playing with Numbers — 1

Finding Perfect Numbers and Twin Prime Numbers Programmatically Description: n Prime Numbers: A Prime Number can be divided evenly only by 1 or itself. And

About ArrayList()

ArrayList The ArrayList is not guaranteed to be sorted The capacity of an ArrayList is the number of elements the ArrayList can hold. As elements