Retrieve fonts installed on the system

Description: About Classes used – #1: An object of InstalledFontCollection class looks for fonts installed in Windows before the object is created. #2:  This FontFamilyclass

File Search (By Extension) in C#

Description:           The article demonstrates how to search the files from the specified path of directory based on which type of file are you finding.

The Euclidean Algorithm (GCD Algorithm)

Description:           The blog is intended to demonstrate the Euclidean Algorithm, used to find Greatest Common Divisor (GCD) value of Two Numbers (the oldest Algorithm

Creating HTMLTable Dynamically

Description:           The blog is intended to demonstrate the use of some HTMLControls for dynamically generating the HTMLTable on webpage using some piece of code.


Parameters for Comparison SQL SERVER 2005 SQL SERVER 2008 Combined as  Sql Server Management Studio (SSMS) Sql Server Management Studio (SSMS) XML DataType  Is Introduced

Scrolling Title in Windows Form

This tip shows how to scroll the title text of windows form using timer control. For this we need one Timer Control. Now set Interval

Displaying Windows Form as a String

For Displaying Windows Form as a STRING we need to override the On Paint () Method as follows… Namespace Required:         using System.Drawing.Drawing2D; First declare a