Simple & Clean design of Calculator using JavaScript

 The Code: <!-- Title: Calculator using JavaScript --> <html><head> <!-- --------------CSS Properties for Calculator--------------- --><style type="text/css"> h2{ text-align:center; color: red; font-size: 22px;} .btn {width: 60px; height:50px;font-weight:bold;font-size:


However, there are vast web data scraping tools and some cloud services are available, and they are vary widely in features. Here I’ll show you

Image Zoom Using VB.NET

In this post we learn to apply Zoom Effect on the Specified Image. Requirements: o TrackBar o PictureBox o ContextMenuStrip o OpenFileDialog Step 1: /*——————————–Setting

File Formats: DSV, CSV, XML

DSV – Delimiter Separated Values It stores 2-dimensional arrays of data. It separates the values in each row with specific delimiter charaters. Sometimes first line