Transference of ListView Data

Transferring Data of ListView Control on Same

windows form or at another windows form


n One or More Windows Forms

n One or More ListView Controls

n Two Button Controls


The Blog shows transferring or passing a whole row from one ListView Control to another on Same Windows Form or at another Windows Form. This may also be helpful to do similar activities such as Transference of Full Column or a particular Cell value.


  1. Here I used an XML File for Accessing Data, you can also use another Data Source as replacement for an XML File

  1. While working with as GridView or ListView Control we have to first trace the Cell/Row/Column Number to know what the data is being manipulated.

  1. Figure 1 & Figure 2 shows the intended result

Figure 1

Figure 2


In this session, we have seen the ListView operation for shifting row(s) from one ListView Control to other.

Mayur Dighe

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