Console Application


· A Console Application runs from the command or DOS prompt.

· Console Applications are written in code and are supported by the System.Console namespace.

· A Console Application is simpler than a Windows application.

· It has no graphical user interface.

· Console Applications define standard input, standard output, and standard error streams that the program can use to read and write information to and from the console.

· Console Applications typically do not have any specialized groupings and do not have any events.

· Console Applications are based on Visual Basic modules, which are specifically designed to hold code that is not attached to any form or other such class.

· Console applications are convenient for testing short code segments

Situations where Console Applications are used:

o The Middle-Tier of a Multitiered Application

o A Service running in the background

o A Test application

Limitations of Console Applications:

o Cannot display information in labels, message boxes, etc.

o No Graphical User Interface, hence the IDE looks a bit different.

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